In our large two-storey Flagship Store in inner Copenhagen, we have exhibited a wide range of Scandinavian vintage furniture from the 20th Century. Here, you will find our most unique furniture, which may be rare due to the patina, or the very limited number the item has been made in. We are also happy to help with advice and guidance for repairing your furniture.

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For over 30 years, Casa Shop has been the first movers on well-known as well as unknown international furniture designs. Our discerning buyers do their utmost to maintain this status and have most recently supplemented the assortment with original vintage furniture classics from KLASSIK, which is why the store today can offer both new and vintage furniture. The store consists of a two-storey showroom with a large selection of designer furniture, lighting and accessories for the home's indoor and outdoor spaces.

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With a location in Frederiksberg for
over 30 years, our iconic shop on Godthåbsvej is the place, when it comes to high-caliber interior design. Here you can find a wide and curated selection of items for the home. Big and small. New and old.

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If you like Danish design, you will love our huge warehouse, where we have thousands of furniture in all shapes, colours and sizes. Here, furniture is received and picked up every single day, which is why you will experience a dynamic atmosphere during your visit. It is also here that our own workshop is located, where we renovate and give new life to both our own and our customers' vintage furniture.

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