Do you know the value of your vintage furniture?

If you can’t make out the signature under your stoneware, or don’t know who designed your vintage easy chair, only that it cost a lot of money when it was bought back in the 1950s, then it could be time to find out what it is actually worth.
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Why is used furniture not always cheaper?

Used furniture is not necessarily cheaper than new ones. But how can that be? Our selection of original vintage furniture is a good example of the existence of many different types of furniture. Old, new, rare, and some mass-produced. It can be a circus to figure out what is what, but our selection always has that in common, that it is original. Let's begin by giving you an overview of how we divide our furniture into our...
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How to maintain your leather furniture

Since leather is a natural material, it needs to be regularly treated and moisturized so that it does not dry out, which can cause the leather to crack and then there is no way back.
Read how to maintain your leather furniture here.
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5 overlooked Danish chairs

Do you know these overlooked Danish chairs from the 1950s-60s?
We have selected five Danish chairs, which we believe are undervalued in Danish design history.
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