Mogens Voltelen

Voltelen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in 1925 and attended the school from 1925-27.

Mogens Voltelen

Mogens Voltelen was a Danish architect known for his expertise in lighting theory and design. He was born on May 16, 1908, in Sørup, Vester Ulslev Sogn, to doctor Carl Julius Voltelen and Anna Caroline Ammitzbøll.

He was employed by renowned architects Poul Henningsen and Vilhelm Lauritzen, among others. His association with Poul Henningsen led him to develop an interest in lighting design and theory. His friendship with PH also allowed him to develop his social and design commitment, which eventually led him to become part of the cultural radical movement.

From 1927-29, Voltelen worked as an employee and editorial secretary at PH's organ Kritisk Revy. He later became a co-editor of Håndbog for Bygningsindustrien from 1930-45 and editor from 1942-45. He was also a co-editor of Kulturkampen from 1936-39.

In addition to his editorial work, Voltelen was a teacher and lecturer in lighting theory at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture from 1940-78. He was a member of the Standardization Committee for Lighting from 1943 and served as head of research at the Danish Building Research Institute from 1947-51. He was also the vice-chairman of the board of the Lysteknisk Selskab from 1948-59 and chairman from 1959-67.

Furthermore, Voltelen was the chairman of the board of the Arkitektens Forlag from 1951. Throughout his career, he maintained a lifelong interest in lighting and became an expert in lighting design and theory.

Mogens Voltelen passed away on March 12, 1995, at the age of 86.