Poul Volther

Poul Volther


Poul Volther was one of the well-known and influential mid-century designers in Denmark. He was an educated cabinet maker and architect who made many iconic furniture designs that still today are a success. In 1949 Poul Volther was employed by his friend and colleague Hans J. Wegner at the Danish Consumers Cooperative Society’s design studio also called FDB, which was managed by Børge Mogensen at that time.

Børge Mogensen left FDB during 1950 and Poul Volther took over his position in the studio. Poul Volther continued the work at FDB, which Børge Mogensen had established, in terms of design, functionality and materials.

In 1955 Poul Volther established his own furniture design studio which led to many beautiful pieces that made him recognized today as one of the great Danish mid-century designers.

In Klassik Studio we have picked out a few items by Poul Volther which have a simple and functional yet interesting design, that compliments a modern interior. The Daybed was one of the first products that Klassik Studio introduced again since it was designed in 1959.