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Thomas Schlosser, owner of KLASSIK Copenhagen, acquired CasaShop in November 2020, where he was trained as a furniture dealer.



When you in the future visits the iconic CasaShop in Copenhagen, you will be presented with both the current assortment, but also a special selection of vintage furniture from KLASSIK's range of original furniture classics from the period 1920-1980.

Thomas Schlosser tells: “Combining new furniture with patinated design classics can create something very special in a room - both in private homes and in larger interiors. There is a super interesting synergy between the well-known Danish design, and the exciting international designs that CasaShop is known for. CasaShops philosophy of bringing international design into the homes of Danes will be maintained and continued”.

Exactly the common past and the mutual understanding, strengthens the future collaboration: “I entered the furniture industry as a trainee in CasaShop from 2000-2002, where I could really feel the growing interest in quality interior. The owner Torsten, brought back home interior from Italy and Spain, which even us as employees fell head over heels for. It was not uncommon for people to sleep in sleeping bags outside the store to get their hands on the latest trends from Southern Europe”.


The design industry is constantly developing on an international level and the acquisition of CasaShop creates endless possibilities for the many customers interested in both Danish and international design. With KLASSIK, CasaShop, Roxy Klassik, Klassik Studio, our own workshop and production, the aim is: “to create a network of important providers of good design which can help to inspire and increase creativity, when Danes decorate their homes. CasaShop will remain first-movers on new international design, which we believe can become an even larger part of the Danes interior" Thomas Schlosser ends.


CasaShop Copenhagen 


About CasaShop:


CasaShop was in 1985 founded by Torsten Dam and was one of the first design shops in Denmark to introduce design furniture, lamps and accessories from Southern Europe. The philosophy was, and still is today, to bring more international trends to Denmark to give Danes the opportunity to create a more international decor in their homes.



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If you have any questions or want to know more regarding the acquisition, director and owner, Thomas Schlosser can be contacted directly by: thomas@klassik.dk.

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