KLASSIK in Ark Journal

Written by Niklas Søgaard the

We are proud to be featured in the latest issue of Ark Journal with multiple original vintage pieces.


KLASSIK Copenhagen i Ark Journal



Good design does not have to be complicated. Poul Kjærholm and Jørgen Høj's shown 'JH-106' lounge chair are a good example of this. Kjærholm was only 25 years old when he, in collaboration with his good friend, Jørgen Høj, designed the chair for master cabinetmaker Thorald Madsen. The same year it was presented at The Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition and was probably too modern for its time as it was only produced in a very small number.


 Poul Kjærholm PK 24 chaiselounge, Ark Journal



Poul Kjærholm's iconic chaise longue, model PK-24, was designed back in 1965 for the furniture manufacturer E. Kold Christensen, who manufactured this - and most of Kjærholm's other designs - until 1982, when Fritz Hansen bought the rights to produce the furniture and still does today.



Poul Kjærholm PK 24 chaiselounge, Fritz Hansen, Ark Journal



The 'Hammock Chair', as Kjærholm himself called it, is a classic example of the architect's ability to combine aesthetics with expressive materials. It is made of spring steel, cane and with an associated neck pillow in leather. In 2007, the chaise lounge was also presented in a fully upholstered version.




Magazine: Ark Journal
Stylist: Pernille Vest
Photographer: Mikkel Mortensen